Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We need to talk about your TPS reports

So I took on a contract position auditing fraudulent appraisals for a major national lender. I wasn't too thrilled about potentially going back into the corporate world- even if it could turn out to be a home based situation- but either way, I'm in and for the month of March, we have a designated trainer in the offices. It's a cube farm- lots of grey, identical setups for each and I was "contracted" along with 13 other appraisers and we all started on the same day.

After the first day of classroom training where I realized that there are a lot of computer-illiterate people out there, I started the second day at my cube and got crackalacking.

So about 10AM I decided to relieve myself and when I came back to my cube, I saw a bunch of random browser windows open, plus MS word and excel. I stood over the keyboard and thought "what is all this crap on my computer?", so I quickly closed all the windows and sat back down. When I looked over to the yellow pad on the desk, I realized- "that's not my handwriting- this isn't my cube!". I stood up, moved one cube over and hunkered down.

About an hour later, someone was at my cube "George, can you show me how to do something?" I had no idea who it was, but I'm a helpful guy, so I said sure and followed him to his cube- right next to mine... He asked me how to move something from one monitor to another and then asked "How do I save my work?" I wasn't sure if he was trying to call me out, so I matter of factly told him how to do it.

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