Monday, February 9, 2009

I Want My MVP!

A-Rod admitted that he used steroids- shocking eh? Considering the weight and recourse of those who continue to deny these sort of allegations at least he sort of admitted it. But then what does that do for our Most Valuable Player awards over the years? What should be done where someone who won turned out to be a cheater? Based on either strong allegations or flat out confessions, I've gone back to 1992 to see who got robbed.

Year True Winner Cheater
2007- Magglio Ordonez (ARod)
2005- David Ortiz (ARod)
2004- Adrian Beltre (Bonds)- heavy speculation about Beltre though
2003- Albert Pujols (Bonds)
2003- Carlos Delgado (ARod)
2002- Albert Pujols (Bonds)
2002- Alfonso Soriano (Tejada)
2001- Luis Gonzalez (Bonds)- heavy speculation about Gonzalez
2000- Frank Thomas (Giambi)
1999- Pedro Martinez (IRod)
1998- Moises Alou (Sosa)
1998- Nomar Garciaparra (Juan Gonzalez)
1996- Mike Piazza (Caminiti)
1996- Albert Belle (Juan Gonzalez)
1993- Lenny Dykstra (Bonds) heavy speculation about Dykstra
1992- Terry Pendleton (Bonds)

Now you'll have to admit that some of these guys who got robbed seem like they might have been cheating too, but I'm pretty sure they escaped any outing so far. We're talking about 47% of the MVP winners during this time period being cheaters... Remember Ken Caminiti's guestimate of 50% of MLB players? Does that sound so far fetched now? Does Jose Canseco seem like such a loose cannon now? Wake up MLB! You're losing all of your credibility.

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