Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inaguration- Leftist Slant

So I'll post a few of my thoughts on the inauguration coverage on www.cnn.com/live

1. interviewing US troops in Afghanistan, the stateside reporter said "when Obama's face showed up on the big screen here there was a lot of cheering. Was there a similar reaction over there with the troops?" Answer: "not really"

2. arousing applause for Jimmy Carter- who accomplished...

3. arousing applause for Bill Clinton- the last president to be impeached. Solid

4. on a serious note, I have a 7 year old daughter. It must be so surreal for Obama's daughters to be essentially royalty. They really do look like great kids.

5. i respect that they muted the crowd noise for george bush's introduction as either it was not-rousing or possibly more like Philadelphia Eagles fans, but then they cranked it up for Biden so far and will undoubtedly do so for Obama- sort of like NASCAR "crank it up"

6. Barack "H" Obama. way to try to hide your heritage.

7. Lots of anti Rick Warren talk on Facebook- you know, the pastor that Barack Obama personally chose to give the invocation. I love how people love Obama but hate his choice here.

8. John Williams has proven that he is no more original than Puff Daddy

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