Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Lashing Out Palin Criticism

So John McCain chose little known Sarah Palin as his running mate. Who? Of course we don't know her. But he had to pick someone and he's had quite an uphill battle with the younger, more dynamic "wind of change" that is Barack Obama. ANY republican has been in for a hard struggle in the post Bush election of 2008.

McCain is 72, with physical issues. That alone is probably the biggest deterrent for fence sitters- the swing vote. True republican will already vote for McCain despite his moderate stances. True democrats are already voting for Obama, but the mass middle needs to be convinced. And unfortunately, it doesn't come down to the best team, but instead the best chance of winning. It's called strategy.

Obama is too young, too inexperienced and too ethnic. So he chose Biden- an older, white senior senator. Excellent move.

So, who should McCain have chosen? An old white guy? A younger white guy? A minority male? A minority woman? A white woman?

If he chose a white guy of any sort, he'd be done- period, and the rest of his campaign would be a complete waste of time. I don't care one bit about how great Huckabee or Romney are. Sure, there are plenty of capable, experienced white male candidates, but would any of them help McCain to win? The stoopid Americans who read headlines and choose by image or believe the tabloids or believe what they see on The View will continue to be stoopid or go along with the crowd.

If McCain he chose a minority male, then he'd be making a bold move, but it would be sort of a copycat move of the Obama team. Bobby Jindahl would have been unique, but not as much punch as other options.

So that leaves- a woman. There are disgruntled Clinton supporters, hardworking single mothers, and just plain wishy washy folks who could easily vote for Obama or McCain if given the right motivation.

Well then, which woman do you choose? Odds are that you need to pick someone who is already a leader in our country- perhaps a business leader or more likely, some elected official. Going back to the business leader idea- Meg Whitman? Too old and too white.

Try googling Women in the United States Senate and look at the republicans: one who was appointed to her position by her father, a critic of the Iraq war, one from a small state with no natural resources, one who's 72, and one who has some controversy regarding misappropriations. That's it. 5 female republican senators

How about the House of Representatives? 18 choices: 1- foreign born, 1 retiring, 5 old (65 or older), 1 wants to leave Iraq, 1 Sonny's wife, 1 pro choice, 3 with significant controversies, 1 really ugly, 1 very good but too young (under 40) and 2 that have served less than a year.

So that leaves the Governors. 3 republican choices: 1 who's not very attractive, 1 who assumed her position and Sarah Palin.

Now that's a quick survey of the more senior elected officials that they had to choose from- I didn't check state representatives or mayors so I'm sure I missed some good ones. Were there other females that I looked at who might have been good? Probably 2-3 total besides Palin. But you've got to remember, that it's about strategy now. Unfortunatley, McCain needs to stoop to the level of picking a strategy VP to appease the aforementioned View viewers or US Weekly readers.

Sarah Palin is very conservative in politics, very fearless about taking on government, a family person, easy on the eyes, well spoken (in prepared speech format so far), a very strong woman, and younger than McCain. Oh yeah, and her state has the biggest untapped oil resources in American which could open the door to drilling in ANWAR once McCain says "I trust my VP and she has convinced me that we need to drill there".

The problem with the liberals is that just like all their jibber jabber, they only complain. They whine about how bad Bush is. They whine about how bad the economy is. They complain about Palin as a choice. How dare a mother of an unwed pregnant girl even consider running- talk about flip flopping- her family IS what democrats stand for. She is not a nuclear republican family. She has a real American family. But have they really offered up any practical alternative solutions to their complaints? Or have they really thought about why Palin was chosen? For this last question, of course they've done their research. They know that good republican running mates are hard to find- ONES WHO CAN HELP MCCAIN BEAN OBAMA. But they still have to complain and throw mud and lie and exaggerate and blindly bash the Right while blindly following the Left. It's sad.

Sarah Palin IS the best choice for John McCain in 2008. She is NOT the best person to be VP, but she is exactly what John McCain needs in order to win this presidential election.

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