Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tea Tree Oil

So my son Cole is 3. He had this crazy rash that looked like water blisters- all down his back to his ass crack. Perhaps 10 of them. It didn't bother him. He didn't scratch at them. But whenever we saw them, we worried about how we'd get rid of them. On a visit to our pediatrician, his doctor took a glance from across the room and declared that they were warts or more specifically: Molluscum Contagiosum. He said that the best course of action was no course of action.

A few months later, he now had about 50 of them- same general region. We took him back and the doctor once again said that the best course of action was no action. But if we wanted to take action, we could try an over the counter medicine like Compound W. He said to use it on just a few warts. This would then aggravate those warts and cause the body to react and thus start fighting all the other ones.

We tried this and it was like bloody murder- very traumatic to Cole and Nadine. We did it one time and that was that.

So about 6 months later, there's no improvement but it's still bugging the crap out of us. Now we've had this little jar of Tea Tree Oil sitting in the medicine cabinet for years. I'm not into this herbal or alternative medicine, so I've never tried using it, but Nadine decided to give it a shot. She puts it on his warts- all of them. No physical pain at all, but I just see a bunch of oil on my boy's backside and figure it's all voodoo.

Well she put it on the next day and perhaps one more day- so like 3-5 total applications- just spreading it on with a cotton ball- real lightly.

You can guess the rest. Within 2 weeks, every single wart was gone. Just gone. Cured. Boom. Done.

So now I'm thinking that we've got some sort of elixir of life. The golden scarab that will get us into the cave of wonders. The book of secrets. I'm excited. I've got fungus toe. I'm folically challenged. Get me some!

We're all out. Turns out that the bottle fell over and drained onto the counter top. This was 6 months ago. I'm too lazy to go buy some more. So much for the holy grail. I'll just suffer in peace and write a blog entry about it.

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