Friday, July 25, 2008

Dry Spell on Criminal Athletes

Wow, it looks like my blog is having a positive impact... There has been what seems to be a lull in high profile athletes in trouble with the law. I am making a difference! Well, I could of course branch off to sports related criminals- like Tim Donaghy's classmates going to jail. Or I could branch off to celebrities in general like my buddy DMX who is an easy target since he's been so busy with the law lately. Or maybe I can talk about the "good" stuff in entertainment. My buddy Paul was paired with D-Lister K-Fed this past Monday for a fundraising golf tournament. But he was a no-show since he just got custody of his kids and was actually noble enough to put them ahead of social events... good for him. So instead, my buddy got paired with E-Lister Josh Henderson of Desperate Housewives semi-fame, who apparently had to borrow some ladies clubs and kept rambling about how busy he is. Note to celebrities who brag to strangers about how busy you are- You're not that busy.

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